Stirring Up Sunday Soups...Find Out More!


Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon filled with the enticing aromas of simmering savory soups and sweet freshly baked dessert?  Add a big, bountiful salad, a rustic array of fresh charcuterie cured meats, cheeses, homemade dips and hot crusty bread right out of the oven and you have all of the ingredients for a Sunday Soup Supper with the "Soup Sisters".

Gather your friends and family around the table, host a special evening event, book group or celebration and we can make it simple, sumptuous, affordable and fun!

Here’s the Deal:

Soup:  Choose two soups from our Sunday Soup Menu.

Salad:  Not just any tossed salad!  Choose one big salad from our Creative Salads Menu.

Charcuterie:  We provide a premier collection of cured meats, cheeses, signature homemade dips, pickled delights, and more.  Our charcuterie boards are designed to appeal to a variety of tastes and dietary needs, but can be customized if needed.

Bread:  Hot and crusty straight from the oven.   (gluten free options available)

Dessert:  We like to end our savory suppers with a special dessert featuring the natural sweetness of fruits or nuts.  A freshly baked fruit tart, a berry crumble or a gluten free almond torte are just a few of our recommendations.

Beverages:  Host provides all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Sound like a plan?  Send us an email at with SOUP SUPPERS as the Subject.   Include your phone number and we will follow-up soon.  We prefer to book Soup Suppers on Sundays, but will happily serve up this menu on other nights of the week, a brunch, a lunch, when our schedule allows.   Please book well in advance as Sundays are sure to fill up fast.

Cost:  $45 per person minimum 8 people with a $100 deposit due two weeks in advance.

Optimum group size 8 -18 guests. If your event includes more than 18 guests your bill will be based on a total event fee which is less than our $45 per person rate.  Contact us today, 

THANK YOU!   Chefs Susan Garth & Nancy Holzman